Sharks are apex predators. They help to regulate and maintain the health of the ocean by picking off the dead, dying, sick and weak to prevent disease in the ocean. Their presence in ecosystems alone helps to maintain balance. For example, they help maintain balance of phytoplankton and scare off predators. Phytoplankton that is balanced in the ocean absorbs carbon from the atmosphere and helps to clean the air we breathe. That also goes for coral reefs acting as huge carbon sinks and sharks regulate all of that. The overfishing of such a vital species is catastrophic to the health of the ocean and unfortunately, the fear of sharks has caused many to turn a blind eye. It's important to note that there is SO much learning to do, resources to explore, etc. but these are some ways to help and gain knowledge through my eyes in an easily digestible way. 

Sharks are being killed in the millions each year & they are vital to the health of the ocean. 

Shark populations are at a rapid decline. We've lost 75% of the oceans shark populations in the last 17 years. This is a global issue

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The Issues



So, what if there are no sharks? 

The clock is ticking and I know it seems like a lot, but it's actually easier than you think to help from the comfort of your own home and in the way you consume. Most people don't know that the fish you eat at some restaurants is actually shark meat. Or that their beauty products, animal food, etc. contains shark. So you may not be consuming shark fin soup but you may be passively supporting shark fishing without even knowing it

You're probably supporting shark fishing without even knowing it

Shark finning, bycatch and overfishing are global issues and largely powered by money. Learn what your shark finning and shark fishing laws are in your state and country. Write in to your elected officials and check out these fin ban enforcement agencies by state. Learn about international shark finning bans and policies here. View a list of places that still serve shark fin (imitation) soup in the United States. Download the Help Save Sharks letter to withdrawl your support of these companies.  If you find a restaurant, store or company that is selling shark products, download this Help Save Sharks letter below to help them understand why sharks need their protection and why you can't support them.  

Holding your government and businesses accountable


-Reduce your consumption of fish that are derived from unsustainable fishing methods
-Don't support companies that sell shark or shark derived products. Learn more about different ways you may be using shark products without even knowing it
-Support organizations actually working to protect sharks and sign petitions
-Use your voice! It's a powerful tool. Talk about these issues with your friends and on social media. Education is a pillar for change
-Hold businesses and your government accountable
-Dive with sharks with professionals and learn about them

Quick Tips

Even though the ocean makes up 70% of Earth's surface, only 2% is protected from destructive activities.